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For the concept Strength place are many interpretation possibilities: The small altar in your own garden, a pilgrimage church, a spring up to the stone circle of Stonehenge. The variety of these places can be shown Best by a temporal sequence: The easy places like springs, mountains, unusual rock formations, waterfalls, forest clearings or special earth energy: These were marked by the people corresponding ones, by wooden posts, stone heaps or Totems.

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From it arose of late earth stables, stone circles, menhirs, stone rows. These - often to monumental arrangements - were used by the shamans, druids or priests to astronomical calculations and served as solar observatories, lunar observatories or star observatories. Besides, one established among other things certain checkpoint in the buildings which allowed these observations (e.g., the Midsummer).
We know the knowledge that was stored therefore in these arrangements and was extended today as the " holy geometry ", which reflected ourselves in buildings like the solar pyramids of Mexico, the pyramids of Gizeh, the stone circles of Stonehenge and Goseck and the big cathedrals in France. A place of the strength were and be places of the "Re-ligio", the back connection with the being of the nature and God.

The spiritual archaeology

Attempts at first very only the right place to feel. Other visitors could work annoyingly on your sensitivity. Search the place where you feel best and relaxes you there. This can be absolutely for the moment near the real strength place - besides, a close meadow, a brook or a stone can help for you.

From the shamanism work causing a light trance helps, for example, by clack or drums. Now also a meditation can increase your perception ability and make the " other reality " learnable. Now patience and attention are valuable allies. The impressions following now of the "quality" or the being of the place help you to take up contact.

It is advisable for negative sensations (fear, panic, dejection) - to break off according to individual experience and/or psychic constitution - the work, to earth itself and to say goodbye with thanks to the place. Also a human companion who goes back to one from the trance again certainly is absolutely important for such moments. Now the guard or the guards (she) of a place information about the history and the kind of the strength can mediate for you.

Establishment of contact

Before we should come more exactly on this point are sent on ahead that here certain precautions must be followed. Not every place of the strength is suitable for this kind of work. If one opens to the place and feels sign of fear, depression, panic or other negative sensations, one should break off the attempt immediately, themselves earth, thank the place and home go.
An other important measure insists in it on having always somebody with itself if one wants to go to trance! This person can prevent disturbances at the mundane level and should pass something unforeseen - try to fetch back the person located in trance.
By longer habituation to the elective place of the strength, often-times visits and works in spiritual archaeology a certain report should have appeared. In other words, the persons to the place are bound (voluntarily or involuntarily!!) enough possibilities had to convince themselves of the seriousness and determination of the searching.
If this is the case, becomes one of the guards, try etc. to step with the searching in contact if this stays on the strength place of his choice and is willing and able to communicate. So that this attempt runs successfully, it is essential that one controls the technology of the silence of thought at least to a certain degree.
As already before should be also said here that there is no general-valid formula to the acquisition of the silence of thought. One follows here the technology to an easier and most promising one appears. If the murmuring of the ego is quietened first of all, one will hear the quiet tones of the forefathers. Whether one sees now pictures, words hears or the guard of the place of the strength is personal, depends on the energy of the place and the disposition of the searching.
If the establishment of contact was successful first of all, new worlds will present themselves to the searching and he becomes sooner or later the knowing...

 How do I recognise a strength place?

If you want to find out whether there are strength places in your place of residence or your destination, you have several possibilities. Best of all you procure for yourselves a topographic travelling map which gives to buy it in the graduation 1:25000, and look where ring embankments,   menhirs or natural monuments are put down. Here you find mostly also unusual trees with historical or legends-related names.
In addition, all old churches, cloisters and chapels and also ruins are registered in these maps.
Furthermore give places which are booked with legends and legends, tips - they repay almost always a closer consideration. Seem in the legend to dragon or fairies, this can be a tip to earth energy and natural forces, just as also treasures in lakes, caves or mountains. Follow, nevertheless, also the warnings which are pronounced in it, because they go back to the experiences of our forefathers.
Often wise local names and hall names on a Celtic, ritual, early or prechristian use there, as for example moor home, saint's mountain, grove Odin’s, mountain Thors, thunder mountain (mountain Donars), mons veneris etc. former cult places which were "demonised" by the Christian missionaries are likewise a good signpost: Devil's stone, devil's rock, devil's castle, devil's wall, witch's kitchen, witch's stair, witch's dance floor. In the rarest cases these places earn her frightening names.
Many local names contain even a direct tip: Druid's stone, saint's grove, angel's mountain, yew mountain, dragon's rock, etc. Almost everything what contains the word "Light" as for example bright stone, bright rock, Lichtenau or bright mountain, is recommended, so to speak, itself. I have got to know up to now at least three worthwhile "bright rocks. 

Growth anomalies

As a clear tip on site serve physical phenomena, for example, mushroom circles and trees. Whether trees stand on a growth zone, a grid crossroad zone, a Leyline, a water vein, a rejection, a blind spring or an energy spiral (Aqua stat), can of the Geomantic, the dowsing, but (learn to recognise also the interested layman with some practise.
Energy spirals let a tree grow distortedly, unfavourable crossroad zones and radiation phenomena generate rank growth, and growth zones cause strong shoot formations in the lower family area.
The trees whose branches grow together point to the fact that here different energy unites. Some trees strive from difficult energy - from rejections and water vein crossroads - away or grow to nourishing or strength-donating energy. Trees with her branches sometimes perform unnatural "caprioles" to participate in an irradiating energy, or they make way to a horizontal radiation in a curve. The Geomantic can read from above of the Zwieselung in the possibly depth of the water vein. The trees which are split four times stand mostly on a water vein crossroad. Indeed, this only still states nothing about a strength place, however, can be an important aspect for the whole judgement. Also different plants and animals give unambiguously information. Thus there is ray seeker and flight for rays. Elders, hazelnut and nettle are ray seekers.
Where they grow, you should not lie down for meditating or sleeping. Fir, spruce, apple and vegetables take flight for rays. They do not grow or badly on beaming rejections and water veins. Above all, apple trees react very sensitively and clearly make way or twist and contort themselves. Where this happens, it concerns the places which you should likewise avoid. 

Tips of the nature

Mistletoes, yews and junipers point out to the fact that where they grow an exchange with the earth is possible. The Teutons were places on which juniper bushes grew, holy, and nobody dared to cut off there something.
Also whitethorn is a plant which is to be found often on old cult places. Mistletoes have the ability to neutralise irritant radiations, they help her landlord's tree to survive on a place difficult (on a continuing basis). Many kinds of unnatural rank growth, like cancerous ulcers in trees, point to radiation phenomena.
Whether these are, nevertheless, for the person difficultly or with short-term stay release energy, must be checked from case to case.
Also places on which bees or ants live are energetically striking. They should visit such places only briefly to step with the earth in exchange, because one can find out there certain remedial energy. Longer stay or even Spend the night at such places can affect injuriously. Here, therefore, you should remain no longer as half an hour. Pay attention, in any case, to your body reactions and hear on your internal voice (after Scarlet Werner). 

What can I do on a strength place? 

Strength places are to be arranged in her possibilities differently. Not everybody is charging or is based. So you follow the tips in the chapter " How I recognise a strength place? ".
In no case they should be abused as a mental place rubbish dump. If you have emotional problems, go rather to the wood and lie down on the forest ground. Also trees can donate compensatory consolation. If you search a council or have a question, turn to a big tree which draws you. Try a Dialog.
It lies with you, your mood and your needs whether you farmed yourselves more to an open or closed one, natural or, to a Christian or prechristian place drawn feel whether you need a mountain or a cave, aerial or earthy energy.
Mountains have rather yang quality,
manly, and are suitable if one searches clearness and overview. Water in the form of lakes, rivers or springs is yin, stresses so female and well to come to contact with his feelings and the intuition. 

About the contact with strength places

Indeed, places of the strength are places with big potential, but they are also very sensitive. They play in the process of the life on the earth for the earth as well as for animal and person a big role whose meaning we rediscover scarcely. If now holy places are abused or are exploited, for example, because of her mineral resources, we add with it to a whole region, a whole land or also the whole earth big damage.
The best example of it is the holy mesa of the Hopi where uranium was found and should be diminished. Also the egg merchant's rock, the holy mountain of the aborigines in Australia under which bigger uranium deposits were discovered is threatened.
In Ireland it has succeeded thanks to violent opposition once again that was renounced the commercial exploitation of bigger golden occurrence under the highest and holy mountain Croagh Patric.
If we exert ourselves for such places and fight for her preservation, we do something what is of benefit not only for the affected people, but under circumstances of the whole earth - as with the rain forest complex of problems.
Thus we also learn here that everything is connected by a net of fine energy roads with each other which pass on like the nerves in our body to the headquarters what happens in the most distant corner. If a sunray warms up our hand, a kiss our lips touches or a thorn stings us somewhere, our whole being reacts to it.
Thus it is also with the earth. Our knowing forefathers lived with this comprehensive consciousness, and the Geomantic from today try hard to apply this holy art in her sense. If you visit a place of the strength, you are disappointed openly for new experiences and not if you do not feel immediately a little bit or have a special experience.
A place of the strength does not disclose so simply with unique running through or short empathy. In the end, we have lost during the last centuries our natural sensitivity and perception ability or have suppressed. Do not expect that you like light visions have got or the " big prickle ".
Also with me it has lasted months, and now I am not often also quite sure to me what I exactly feel, actually, whether certain body reactions and perception imagination, chance or are authentic. A Geomantic needs possibly one to three days to investigate a place of the strength, and under circumstances even several years to open him really.
Let a place at least one or several days of " all sides " on himself work, or go you several times or regularly. Small rituals, a quiet prayer, a flower gift or a meditation are more worth than "ticking off" of every kind.

 Natural strength places

Natural places of the strength are mountains, springs, some caves, bigger rock formations and many trees. If several these aspects collapse, so, for example, a striking tree formation with a spring near a striking rock, this indicates at special energetic qualities. Legends and national faith have always assigned to such places elementary minds, elves, gnome and other beings.
The fact that this is not so wrong, Scotland has proved the Findhorn- collective (a strength place significant by the way) which has succeeded it by the telepathic contact with physical minds in setting up in an inhospitable and infertile area a true miracle garden and a blossoming community which has found out worldwide recognition.
Besides, one must imagine to elementary being non-unconditional in such a way as we know it from fairy tale and legends in form of nice fairies or crumpled dwarfs. This are human projections or translations adequate to person of phenomena and physical energy which absolutely has an own dynamism or own personality.
This own personality can be easier understood with single old trees; and whether this is now a faith, imagination or another reality or dimension, with it we should be careful western civilisation people maladjusted the nature for the moment.
The knowledge and the cult places of our "pagan" forefathers or few left-over primitive races or her shamans can maybe help us to perceive again the voices and signs of the nature whether now personifies or not.
The fact that there is more than only five senses that intuition to the rational thinking often consider is, this knowledge slowly seems to win through. If we start again where human power and self-interest thinking began to do to itself the earth subject and to work against them instead of with her - where the living contact with the nature broke off.
One often observed with many animal species that between the single creature and his environment a noteworthy respect exists. This respect strange seems to the today's people, because now they are far removed from the natural world.
For us is the ability of the pigeon, about hundreds of kilometres again home to finds the way back, or the salmon, after a trip around half a world again to his birthplace to return to spawn there, an unusual and inexplicable phenomenon. But in the nature such achievements are not unusual. To wild animals these gifts which the science feels like to file away under the column 'instinct' are innate. It prepares for the swallow no problem, after a There and return flight from 24,000 km again to the nesting place of the year before. 

Holy mountains

 To many primitive races, as for example to the North American Indians, are holy mountains. Why are there hardly holy valleys, but so many holy mountains? Why do old churches and chapels and the cult places of the Celts so often on mountains lie?
With certainty the nice view or only security thinking was not decisive for it. In many cultures and at all times the (highest) mountains counted as a seat of the gods. One looked and mounted them with reverence, one gave them name. Moses, for example, received the law boards for the people Israel on a mountain, and Jesus preached on mountains (Sermon on the Mount).
Objectively and subjectively the person on the point of a mountain is closer to the sky, the stars or his God. He is carried away to the everyday life, and he gets an "overview". The Geomantic says in addition: At every mountain point; if the aether forces gather, and the likelihood that here cosmic energy irradiates is bigger than somewhere else.
Also strength places differ after whether they cover her energy from the earth or are charged with "Numen" - consciously by human energy. We find this, for example, with black Madonna’s (after Scarlet Werner). Our forefathers have left bequeath to us many customs which deal with the nature, her rhythms and her valuables.
Above all, trees counted as mysterious, almost supernatural creatures, in development and growth for person comparably. The Teutons saw, for example, in a protective tree the symbol of own life. Even today trees or branches belong to too many firm customs and holidays: the Christmas tree, the maypole, the tree of the topping-out ceremony and the like. Is rare, but is still received the custom to dance old lime-trees from what quite a lot of dance lime-tree testifies in Thuringia and Bavaria. Also the public life, as for example hearings, took place under trees, the so-called Femelinden. Mighty single trees, likewise mostly lime-trees, were a centre of many villages.
No miracle that many legends entwine themselves round especially remarkable old trees and that they served in numerous fairy tales all kinds of strange beings and physical minds as a dwelling or as an entrance in the earth inside. 

From the forest cult to the Richtbaum

 Special trees and woods were for our forefathers holy sites. Already Tacitus reported about the forest cult of the Teutons and wrote that in holy groves her gods lived, and quite a lot of village and hall name tells even today of it, as for example idol grove, bright grove, Heidenau, moor rock, druid's grove. Here public gatherings, courts and services took place. " Certain groves or special trees were consecrated to single divinities. A holy tree might be never robbed of his foliage or his branches, never mind be felled. With the forefathers of the Estonians it was a matter to nefarious of breaking off a sheet in holy groves even. The oak stood at the foremost place under the sanctified trees. Then followed ash and beech. " Customs and myths around trees are narrowly connected with each other. In Mecklenburg many old customs are tied up with so-called miracle trees. This are, above all,> Krupeichen <.
It concerns trees whose trunk shows a long-round opening, to a person more or less easily a slip through (possibly by man's height Low German:> Dörchkrupen <) allows. There have originated these Krupbäume mostly from concrescence of the trunk and the branches, but also from fusion of two separate trunks or from artificial influence.
After old national faith creeping through these trees should bring healing of some sufferings like rheumatism, furnace mouth, Rheumatisms and sciatica. Besides, special rules had to be obeyed. Silent> Dörchkrupen <before rising or after setting of the sun and possibly on Friday especially effective healing promised.
In this connection stand also the "fever trees" in which one hung overnight his clothes to find then with carrying healing of physical sufferings. A village tree marked the meeting place and centre of the municipality. Mostly it concerned a lime-tree. The Richtbaum is the symbol for protection, luck and blessing for the future inhabitants of the new house.
The Christmas tree as a Christmas symbol points to the immortality and the everlasting life. The maypole is already since the antiquity a symbol for the awakening of the nature and for fertility. The Femelinde appears court tree of the goddess Freya who owned the strength of the prophecy and could bring to light with it the truth. Holy trees are the Bodhi tree with the Indians, under the Buddha his enlightenment found, with the Teutons the oak and later after the christianisation them.
The tree of the knowledge, mostly as a pomegranate or fig tree shown, grows in the paradise beside the tree of the life and points to the polarity of man and woman, well and nastily, life and death. The world tree connects sky, earth and underworld. It is a symbol of the everlasting life and points to the unity of the universe. He seems in the myths of all people. The best known example is the world ash described in Edda Yggdrasil.
One can look at many trees as a place of the strength or as an indicator about such. 30 years lived the holy Edigna of Puch in a tree which exists even today as a millennial lime-tree.

David Lucyn - Magisch Reisen / Deutschland.
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