Magic Places

GEOMANTIC describes the wisdom of earth in connection with the Erfuehlen of the common performing strengths of the earth and of the cosmos.

The word Geomantie consists of the Greek words Geo (earth) and Mantik (preserving legend art). It is the "Wahrsagung" (= say truth) to have via the concealed strengths of earth and/or "feeling for earth".

In cooperation of earth and cosmos, there is the state of a place which was employed differently in the human culture history (positively or negatively).
Strength places deviate from the natural vigour of surrounding places strongly. Priests, shamans and Heilkundige found these places intuitively and performed their cults and rituals there. Also monument buildings of the human history (pyramids, lithic rings, menhirs, cathedrals) as well as of castles, churches, bands were built at such strength places.
Earth radiation, planetary lines and grounding vigour lines set up the state of these places for themselves in that (e.g. Leylines, song line) dar. These so-called greater area lines and/or lines of force result from the combination of grounding radiation sorts and may control at the strength places may be struck.

The it says angel to the human being:
„ through the ladle creates us eternally his plan, nevertheless without you is nothingness .

Answer of the angels we are combined energetically with our strength places. They wait to recognize, love and protected from us. The contact to the living place is the important. It is a question around it, itself conscious zu shut, which vigour rests at the place, that every individual however, it can also be been let by itself herself alive, namely in observing whose what was initial, what now performs and what is meant for the future. The look in this case, one can not only win to the front from the retrospective, may quarantine need the meditativen Hin turn to the inner embassies and the intellectual leaders concurrent us and angel being. This can be prepared by the concrete and conscious Hin turn to the place. Already the consciousness via effect of our actions increases the vigour which we broadcast.

Duch the acceptance of the personal combination of the place and of conscious Hin turn becomes nourished this. The giving one is also enriched simultaneously however through the refine material attention so that a stimulating interplay results: I also do what I do for me wohltuend for my environment, for my place. Very refine material connections which are often more impressive are the physical tier behind it as the apparently only real ones. In the refine material connections shows itself, that everything is together combined, and is reflected in external reality according to the law of resonance.

To encounter places also mean to recognize, why the founders chose just this place. What is come about since the foundation or creation and what would now like we through our conscious and loving Hin turn for or from this place? Already the Findung, the meeting with the inner being of the place yes causes that a relationship to it results. Occurred through it take – as in the case of every loving Hin turn – a stabilization.

Up to now nutz(t)en we major the earth without giving to it Have we forgotten that our ancestors ever they were nourishing – with her inner gifts, how inspect un gene to the right time, prayers and blessings. However, we do not only use the earth in physical but also in refine material respect from, namely through our inattentiveness not to appreciate the place